Metricus Modules provide a fast, flexible and scalable solution for IT Performance Measurement

Metricus Modules are packaged on-demand solutions for the measurement, management and improvement of specific IT processes, strategies or domains. Modules are available for components of ITIL, IT Governance and for specialized requirements such as Green IT and Cost Control.

  • Best practice IT KPIs (Metrics) from Metricus Knowledge specific to the selected Module.
  • Dashboards providing rapid insight into the performance of metrics associated with the specific IT process, strategy or IT domain.
  • Scorecards containing detailed information on the metrics as well as supporting analysis relating to underlying data.
  • A data analysis component providing for ad-hoc analysis of metrics and supporting data and ability to create your own views.
  • Export Dashboards, Scorecards and Reports to PowerPoint or Excel and use this for internal communication or presentation.
  • Collaboration mechanisms to track issues related to metrics, initiate discussions on metric performance and related matters, store documents related to metrics and maintain lists of relevant contacts and resources involved in the management of IT performance.
  • Data templates to facilitate loading of the data from IT enterprise systems such as HP Service Center, CA Unicenter, BMC Remedy, etc. This data is transferred to a secure data staging area on the Metricus server and processed using Metricus Metrics Management. Data can also be loaded manually, targets and benchmarks changed and up to 10 additional metrics created.
Business Benefits::
  • Aggregate data from various sources and get access to a holistic view on your IT processes and activities, one that tells you exactly how you are performing and where your areas of improvement lie.
  • No upfront investment, low monthly subscription costs, no need to purchase any software or hardware or require internal data management and business intelligence specialists.
  • Proven, pragmatic IT KPIs defined by industry experts and highly experienced practitioner.
  • Industry leading Business Intelligence functionality and capabilities (built on Microsoft BI).
  • Ability to start small and grow your IT Performance Management solution.
  • A practical approach to data integration leveraging extraction capabilities already available in standard IT enterprise software.
  • Up and running within a day, no lengthy consulting project, no expensive consultants.

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