Case Study: Internal benchmarking for a financial organization using ITIL metrics


Large Financial institution looks at ITIL Change Management to compare performance of internal teams

A large financial organization in the United States has various autonomous departments that work independently and report into the parent company. Every department has their own IT, and there is a central IT team where the CIO resides. The CIO has no idea how each of the department is performing and cannot compare one with the other as they are all using different means of reporting. Metricus was set up to give the organization a picture of the overall organizational IT performance.

ITIL change management metrics from Metricus were identified and deployed across all the departments. Each department provides their data in an Excel sheet on a monthly basis and that data is integrated in Metricus. Information is rolled up to the IT manager level and every department can be analyzed separately. With this information the IT organization can now learn from high-performing departments and use that information to help the departments that are not doing well.

Metricus for ITIL - Internal Benchmarking Example