Project Management

Succesful Project Management ensures IT projects are managed in time and budget. Project Management methods and techniques ensure that risks are kept under control and that project stakeholders work towards the same goals and objectives. the Metricus Project Management Module provides you with the KPIs, Reports, Scorecards and Dashboards that enable you to measure, manage and improve the performance of your IT projects.


Project Management KPIs provide information to your organization about the health of your IT projects. Metricus is not a project management tool that will tell you how to do project management, it will give you clarity though over the strenght of your process and if your projects management principles are resulting in projects that are delivered in time and budget.

The following KPIs are included in the Project Management Module:

% Project Management Best Practice % Project Managers Certified
% Projects Championed by Business % Projects Completed on Time
% Projects Completed on Time and within Budget % Projects Completed with Documentation and Testing Plans
% Projects Completed within Budget % Projects Meeting Predefined Benefit
% Projects Meeting QA Objectives % Projects Meeting Stakeholder Expectations
% Projects Open with Milestones Missed % Projects Receiving QA Review
% Projects Related to Business % Projects Related to IT
% Projects with Performance Criteria % Projects with Post Implementation Review
% Projects with Predefined Benefits

Click here to see an example of a KPI report card that includes all Metric Tags