Incident Management Module

ITIL Incident Management typically is amongst the first processes that are implemented by organizations that are adopting ITIL. Service Management tools provide basic Incident Management reporting but lack best practice KPIs and sophisticated information analysis capabilities.

Metricus presents best practice KPIs that are relevant to your business and tells you exactly what the health of your Incident Management Process is. Use Metricus to assess gaps and work towards optimal IT operations.


Improve your Incident Management Process instantly

The Metricus Incident Management Module tells you exactly how your Incident Management Process is performing and what the areas for improvement are. You can see where most of the incidents are coming from, how fast they are resolved, and proactively manage the entire process. Use industry accepted IT KPIs, visual dashboard, and Metricus Scenario Planning tools to get control over your Incident Management process now and in the future.

Metricus - Incident Management Module Snapshot

Incident Management Dashboard

This image provides an overview of the Metricus Incident Management Module in Metricus