Metricus Modules: ITIL / ITSM
Module Name
Service Desk
Change Management
Incident Management
Request Fulfillment Management
Service Level Management
Problem Management
Modules for ITIL are packaged solutions for specific ITIL processes. Use ITIL Modules as the measurement component of your ITIL initiatives and get a clear picture on the performance of your IT processes and activities.
  • Benefit from 25 practical and pragmatic KPIs per ITIL Module, or even add your own KPIs.
  • Make use of the guidance provided with KPIs, such as definition, usage information, calculation logic, and more.
  • Template Dashboards, Scorecards, and Reports provide various users in your organization with the performance information they need to do their job.
  • Link user profiles to reports, and define who has access to what level of information
  • Set up benchmarking groups, compare the performance of individual teams, departments, or geographies.
  • Work together using Metricus, provide comments with KPIs, initiate projects, and set alerts.
  • Provide data from your service management, project management, IT management or other tool directly into Metricus using intuitive excel based templates.
Business Benefits:
  • Rationalize your investments in ITIL, demonstrate value and control over IT processes.
  • Avoid complex and manual Excel sheets, and work with a robust and reliable reporting component.
  • Start only with the ITIL processes that need your immediate attention, and build your performance management maturity from there.
  • Better allocate your IT resources and deploy them where the need is the highest
  • Demonstrate to the business or the customer, your alignment with Service Level Agreements.
  • No upfront investments, no expensive tools, a simple monthly subscription model applies
  • Globally accessible and managed service that does not require your own resources to manage and maintain.

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