Cost Control Module

Think beyond the buzzwords and take action!

Sustainable computing, Green IT, and Carbon Footprint are all buzzwords in times where human impact on the climate is resulting in the deterioration of our planet. If you want to contribute and make your organization greener, it means you have to take action.

The Metricus Green-IT Module allows you to define a baseline for your organization and start working towards reducing your carbon footprint.


KPIs that help your organization reduce cost without necessary extra investments result in a win/win for your IT organization. An adequate focus on these KPIs will result in a more agile and transparent IT organization and will ensure you emerge stronger from this current economic downturn.

Here are a five metrics from the Metricus Cost-Control Module:

Metric name Description
% IT Costs - Travel Reduce travel cost by providing viable alternatives such as web-conferences or VOIP , e-learning education instead of classroom training
Energy Cost per IT Facility Energy cost per IT facility gives an insight into the energy cost per facility. Monitoring this information periodically helps organizations in optimizing the energy consumption.
% Projects Related to Business Projects should not be created if they are not directly related to specific IT or business objectives. The combination of [% Projects Related to IT] and [% Projects Related to Business] should be 100%.
% Inactive Application Accounts Inactive accounts represent overhead on security systems, both from a performance and administration perspective. Importantly, they make the task of auditing security more difficult due to unnecessary overhead. If effective security management processes are in place, the number of inactive accounts should be minimal.
% IT Resources - Contractors IT departments will almost always have a requirement for contractors. The level of contractors needs to be balanced with the potential impact on overall IT resource moral as well as costs associated with projects

Click here to see an example of a KPI report card that includes all Metric Tags