Data Management


Metricus provides a simple and intuitive method for managing data from your Service Management tool to Metricus

The effective measurement of IT performance is driven by timely, accurate and consistent data. Metricus presents a practical, pragmatic solution to data collection and transformation. A solution that is open, application independent, and supports the heterogeneous data environments prevalent in today’s IT organizations.

Metricus provides out-the-box and easy to use methods to collect and transfer your data to Metricus. Look at this as guidance in making a puzzle. Typically removing pieces from the box is easy, but knowing where to put which piece is the challenge. Qualitative data (for example related to Project Management or IT strategy) typically is entered manually using an entry wizard into Metricus. This data typically does not reside within systems, spreadsheets or other tools. Other types of data (for example Service Requests, Call information, Incident Records) comes from relational databases, emails, documents, excel sheets, etc. and are provided to Metricus using automated extraction scripts (connectors) or by pushing data on a set frequency using File Transfer.