Metricus Data Templates


Metricus uses Easy Data Templates® to transfer data from your systems and tools into Metricus. Templates are available for every Module in Metricus. For every KPI within a Module information is available about the data that is required to populate the KPI and examples are available to help your developers and professionals retrieve the correct data. After providing the data to us, we commit to reviewing the data and proactively work with you to ensure timely, quality, and accurate data is provided to populate KPIs.

Benefits of using Data Templates

Using Data Templates over manual transformation of data connectors has a number of significant advantages, for example:

  • The use of templates and the provision of data via FTP results in a data push and does not require access of your systems or working behind your firewall
  • Predefined templates avoid building, configuring, and maintaining data connectors that tap into your systems and avoids paying for expensive consultants to do this work
  • Guidance is available for every KPI helping you retrieve the right information
  • Fast Track your performance management initiative; simply export your data, upload it and get started. This process does not take months, but hours.
Module Download Data Template
Incident Management Easy Data Template ITIL Incident Management
Change Management Easy Data Template ITIL Change Management

Please contact us using this form in case you have specific data requirements, in case you are using a custom build dashboard that you would like to replace or if you have any other data related questions