Metricus Administrator Workshop


Training for Metricus Specialists

The Metricus Enablement Workshop is a 2-day virtual training course designed with the purpose to train your key staff in configuring and using Metricus The course is designed around the Metricus Implementation Roadmap, a generic roadmap that covers all steps that are required to get up and running with Metricus. The workshop combines transfer of knowledge as well as practical hands-on implementation work.


This workshop is recommended for those involved in the implementation and day-to-day operations of Metricus. The The Enablement Workshop is designed in a modular fashion facilitating various types of audiences.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Metricus Enablement Workshop Participants:

  1. Understand the principles and activities of IT Performance Management
  2. Be able to articulate the requirements for Performance Management and define a pragmatic solution for his/her own organization [Analyze]
  3. Be able to translate requirements for information into specifications for scorecards and dashboards for various stakeholders [Design]
  4. Understand how to collect information from the IT environment and populate this into the Metricus [Develop and Deploy]
  5. Know how to embed ongoing IT Performance Management in the operational processes [Manage]
  6. Understand how Metricus can be used to drive improvement initiatives; [Improve]

Course Modules

The following list includes a number of modules from the Enablement Workshop:

  1. Defining IT Performance Management
  2. The IT Performance Management Lifecycle
  3. Metricus Components
  4. Metricus Technical Architecture
  5. Workspace initialization
  6. Data Transformation
  7. Scorecard, Dashboard and Report design
  8. General Management tasks
  9. Collaboration and Communication
  10. Security

Next steps

Request further information about the Enablement Workshop or sign up for a planned workshop. You can request further information through the Metricus contact form.