Invest in your team to get the most out of your IT Performance Management Initiative

Training your team in using Metricus will ensure you make the most of your Metricus investment. There are two distinct educational tracks available, one for Metricus Administrators, and a second for Metricus Specialists.

Metricus training will help:

Administrator Workshop (1-day web-conference)

The Metricus Administrator Workshop is a 1-day (virtual) training course designed for professionals who use Metricus on a daily basis. At the end of this training course Administrators know Metricus inside out and are able to produce efficient IT performance management information to your management.

Metricus Enablement Workshop (2-days web-conference)

The Metricus Enablement Workshop is a 2-day virtual training course designed with the purpose to train your key staff in configuring and using Metricus. The course is designed around the Metricus Implementation Roadmap, a generic roadmap that covers all steps that are required to get up and running with Metricus. The workshop combines transfer of knowledge as well as practical hands-on implementation work.