Metricus IT Performance Business Intelligence (scorecards and dashboards for presenting and analyzing information)


Measure IT performance using scorecards and dashboards, drive improvements based on trending information, benchmarking data, and plan scenarios using dynamic cause and effect relationship diagrams.

Metricus uses Microsoft Business Intelligence functionalities to provide a sophisticated IT Performance management solution to the IT management domain. Using Metricus you can manage the performance of your IT organization and present various stakeholders with the information that is tailored to them and allows them to take better IT decisions.


  • Use highly visual dashboards to find out, at the blink of an eye, how your IT organization is performing. Metricus provides templates for dashboards, and reporting elements such as gauges, dials, meters, and so on.
  • Metricus Scorecards provide 'point-in-time' information and allows you to assess your current performance against predetermined targets. Traffic light symbols help you to quickly understand where you stand today for every KPI
  • Trending Graphs and dynamic charts allow you to monitor the performance of KPIs over a period of time. A visual representation of the performance of your KPI is depicted in a graph along with the target or benchmark that you identified. Filtering and Sorting options are available, allowing you to set the time interval for your analysis
  • Metricus includes a powerful report writer that allows you to create, manage and maintain your own reports. You can compare KPIs, drill down into the data, switch between bar chart, pie chart, and so on. The report writer is typically relevant to Analysts, who need to analyze and assess performance data
  • Metricus uses Microsoft SharePoint as the platform to deliver IT performance management solutions to customers. This allows you to benefit from a proven and reliable software solution with numerous features such as user management, collaboration, security, portal templates, and so on.

Business Benefits::

  • Aggregate data from various sources and combine this in Metricus to present your IT management with a holistic picture on the performance of your IT organization, one that is reliable, auditable, and understandable
  • Do-it-yourself; no need to invest in expensive consultants to build a complex Excel dashboard for you. Metricus provides support and templates that you can use to do this all yourself
  • Metricus is build on Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) allowing you to benefit from advanced BI functionalities in a hosted environment. You do not need to invest in a Business Intelligence application, and do not require the staff or infrastructure to manage and maintain it
  • Use Metricus to compare your organizations performance with that of industry peers who are also using Metricus as their IT Performance Management platform
  • Collaborate on data, various teams or departments can work together on data that they provided to Metricus and provide comments, initiate actions or create shared reports
  • No upfront investment; using Metricus as a Software as a Service solution, you are only paying for your exact use of Metricus, and are not required to make any upfront investments or pay yearly maintenance fees.

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