Implementation Roadmap

A structured roadmap with activities that lead to success

Metricus Consultants and Authorized Metricus Partners apply a structured approach to deliver success. The Metricus Implementation Roadmap includes a set of well defined activities that are based successful Metricus Implementations.

The roadmap includes the following activities:

Identify Modules / Metrics

  • Identify Modules / Metrics from the Metricus Library that make sense to your organization
  • Identify data sources and validate the availability of data
  • Assess the quality of the data

Design Solution

  • Design processes for data integration
  • Design scorecards and dashboards
  • Design collaboration methods
  • Design user management processes Manage Data
  • Export data from service management tools into Templated Spreadsheets
  • If required establish data connections
  • Import data into Metricus

Scorecard and Dashboard creation

  • Drag and drop Metrics into scorecards
  • Set user privileges
  • Design pages for users


  • Testing
  • Training
  • Delivery

Measure and Improve

  • Measure outcomes based on defined targets
  • Analyze and interpret information (even on a monthly basis if you want to)
  • Enable you to drive improvement initiatives

If you would like to speak with a Metricus Expert or an Authorized Metricus Partner to understand how this roadmap can apply to your situation please use the contact form and let us know of your requirements.