A best practice IT KPI library with over 600 metrics and measures


Best practice metrics help an organization understand what is important to them and what the areas are that they want to be measured on. Metricus helps organizations identify relevant metrics and provides knowledge and guidance on how to best use these metrics.

The Metricus IT performance metric library includes IT KPIs that cover the entire breadth of activities that take place within an IT organization. This ranges from IT operational KPIs, application management KPIs, Service level management KPIs, to KPIs that look at IT projects, strategy and governance. With over 600 metrics, Metricus provides KPIs that are important to your organization, what you hold yourself accountable for, and how you define success.


  • Over 600 KPIs and measures that help you define what is relevant to you and what you would like to measure in IT
  • KPI attributes are included to help organizations select, use and adopt KPIs. Meta information includes definitions, usage information, data collection tips, and so on..
  • KPIs include detailed information about the underlying measures that are required to populate the KPIs
  • Metricus provides templates that help you extract data from your service management tool or other application and transform this data to Metricus
  • Metricus users can add their own KPIs, define their own targets, tolerance levels, or benchmarks.

KPI Categories::

  • ITSM Frameworks, including ITIL V2, ITIL V3 and IT Governance
  • IT balanced scorecard
  • Specific IT Performance Management solutions including Green IT, CIO IT Health Scorecard and Helpdesk modules
  • Metrics aligned with specific business or IT goals;

Business Benefits:

  • Adopt practical and pragmatic metrics that are aligned with industry best practices (ITIL, COBIT, and others). Metricus will tell you exactly what metrics you need to achieve clarity on your IT performance
  • Get started quickly using best practice KPIs, and use Metricus definitions as a starting point for internal discussions.
  • Select only the KPIs that are relevant to your organization, and use these to measure the performance of your IT processes and activities
  • Add your own methodology or KPIs to Metricus, and use Metricus as a framework for the effective measurement of your organizations IT Performance
  • Best practice Metricus KPIs are used across organizations allowing you to benchmark your performance against industry peers
  • KPIs are linked to the most commonly used best practice frameworks such as ITIL or ISO/IEC 20000 allowing you to benefit from KPIs that align with your investments in these best practices.

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