Metricus Modules: ITIL / ITSMMetricus Enterprise SaaS, a robust platform for the management of your IT performance


Metricus Enterprise combines the Knowledge and Business Intelligence functionalities from Metricus to provide a tailored IT Performance Management solution to your organization. Metricus Enterprise Software-as-a-Service grants access to all Modules, KPIs / Metrics, Scorecard, Dashboard, Report templates and much more, providing you with a flexible, scalable and reliable framework to define, measure, manage and improve your IT Performance.

  • Software-as-a-Service offering, available on-demand across your organization
  • Access to Metricus Knowledge, more than 600 KPIs, with KPI definitions, data structures, and usage information
  • Access to all Metricus Modules (these can be used as templates)
  • Ability to create and populate unlimited metrics using Metricus Metrics Management
  • Ability to fully customize the underlying Sharepoint environment used by Metricus
  • Access to a Metricus Development Portal to develop custom reports using SQL Server Reporting Services and custom data integration tasks using SQL Server Data Integration Services
  • Full access to the Metricus Dashboard Designer for the design and deployment of Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Ability to create custom Metricus Modules specific to your target customer base.
Business Benefits:
  • Gain a valuable insight into the performance of your IT processes, activities or services, one that is reliable and accurate
  • Fast track your IT performance initiative by using best practice KPIs that include detailed definitions, implementation guidance and usage information
  • Metricus is a sophisticated Business Intelligence platform that is fully managed and maintained for you: no need for internal specialists or hardware
  • Vendor neutral platform, that allows you to integrate data from all your existing ITSM tools, ERP systems, or other IT management (including HP, BMC, CA, and so on.)
  • No upfront investment, low monthly subscription costs (no CAPEX)
  • Grant various stakeholders in your organization with access to information that is relevant to them, ability to create custom dashboards, reports and manage full user rights
  • Ability to collaborate on data: various teams / departments can upload/integrate their data which is aggregated into single decision making dashboards or collaborative spaces
  • Innovation: benefit from various Metricus partners providing unique and specialized services to you, and benefit from continuous innovation of the Metricus product and services
  • Low cost of implementation: start with a 30-day Free Trial to see if Metricus suits your needs, and expand your use of Metricus from there.

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