How do you get started with Metricus

A Software-as-a-Service model that allows you to manage your IT performance instantly
Metricus is based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) concept, which means that you only pay for your use of Metricus on a monthly basis. You pay per Module and per user and only for the Modules that you use. This very simple and intuitive pricing scheme allows you to start with one or more specific Modules and scale up when you are ready for it.

The first Module is coupled with a 5-user license package. User licenses allow users to access and manage Metricus Modules. If you require additional User Licenses or additional Modules, you can simply add them to your own Metricus Workspace.

Configure your own Metricus Workspace
You have access to your own Internet based environment (Microsoft SharePoint Portal environment) that you can fully configure. Based on the Modules that you selected, metrics, templates, and toolkits become available. Select metrics that are relevant for you or add your own metrics. Once KPIs are selected, you can move forward and configure Scorecards or Reports.

Based on the metrics / KPIs that are available you can configure your own Scorecards and Dashboards using templates and wizards. Help is available from the Metricus Support team or from Metricus Authorized Partners when required

How to import your data into Metricus
Data is required to be able to tell you how your IT processes and activities are performing. There are various options to provide your data to Metricus and the most commonly used method works with spreadsheets. Export data from your Service Management Tools (HP ServiceCenter, IBM Tivoli, CA Unicenter, and so on). into a predefined Metricus template and upload this into Metricus. This method does not require the development of connectors, does not require access behind your firewall or continuous maintenance. Simple, efficient, and effective.

When you need it most, help is required
Metricus Authorized Partners are best-practice consulting organizations that have been trained and certified to help you use Metricus. Partners can assist you in selecting KPIs, assist in the creation of Scorecards and Dashboards for different stakeholders and help to interpret results and propose improvement initiatives. Partners are available across the world and speak the local language of the customer.