How Consulting Services Work

How does it work and how much will it cost me

How it works and how much this will cost you depends on your ambition and maturity. Three scenarios help you to get a picture of what this can mean for you.

Up and running in a day using a virtual consultant

If you are interested in strengthening your ITIL processes with a robust measurement component and get started with one or more of the most popular ITIL Modules (e.g. Change Management , Incident Management), you can be up and running within a day.

We provide the support you require using a virtual consultant. The virtual consultant is a Metricus Expert who will help you in setting up and configuring your Metricus Workspace.

The process starts by providing the Metricus Expert with a data file so that he/she can assess the quality, availability and structure of your data. The Expert will help you prepare the environment and show you how to create dashboards and scorecards. You receive four hours of Expert Time when signing up, and if you need more help, you can simply purchase an additional support package.

Up and running in a few days using on-the-ground consultants

The same conditions apply as stated in the previous scenario. Instead of working with a virtual consultant however you prefer hands-on support. Secondly, you might want to combine the implementation work with a classroom training course to train your key staff on using Metricus.

Metricus Consultants and Metricus Partners speak your language and can support you where and when required. On-the-ground access typically is also required if you would like to work with connectors and automatically publish your data into Metricus.

Metricus comes with SQL scripts for most of the existing service management tools (such as HP OpenView, CA Unicenter, IBM Tivoli, BMC Remedy, etc.) which reduces the effort significantly. To be on the safe side, consider 2 consulting days per Metricus Module.

Note: these two days will increase if you operate a very complex IT organization that is globally dispersed and have very weak IT processes and poorly trained staff.

Up and running in more than a few days

This applies in case you are thinking beyond Metricus Modules and have very unique IT Performance Management requirements. You are probably using your own metrics and are looking for a special CIO dashboard, IT Health Scorecard, or insight into the complex relationship you have with your vendors.

This is the domain of Metricus Authorized Partners. Partners are experts in helping you assess your IT Performance Management requirements and can create very unique solutions that match your requirements. Authorized Partners use the components of the Metricus Framework to realize this for you.

For Additional Information To find out how you can accelerate your IT Performance Management success with Metricus Services or how we can help with more complex projects, contact your account executive.