Metricus IT Performance Measurement Framework


Metricus is a framework for the successful management of IT Performance. Metricus provides KPIs that align with the IT best practices that organizations are familiar with (including ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000, IT Governance) and provides the toolkits, scorecards and dashboards to successfully define, measure, manage and improve IT performance.

  • The effective combination of best-practice metrics (KPIs) and sophisticated Business Intelligence features guides organizations toward clarity on their IT performance.
  • Metricus provides “simple data templates®” to seamlessly collect data from customer tools and systems and transfer this data to Metricus.
  • Metricus presents an out-of-the-box, modular approach to IT Performance Management. Organizations can get started quickly with Metricus and start defining, measuring, managing and improving the performance of their IT organization

Metricus IT Performance Metric Library

Best practice metrics help an organization understand what is important to them and what the areas are that they want to be measured on. Metricus helps organizations identify relevant metrics and provides knowledge and guidance on how to best use these metrics.

Business Intelligence

Measure IT performance using scorecards and dashboards, drive improvements based on trending information, benchmarking data, and plan scenarios using dynamic cause and effect relationship diagrams.

Data Management

Metricus sits on top of existing service management and other systems and tools and works of data from all of these systems and tools as well as manual data that is provided to Metricus. Service management systems are the main data sources for Metricus and various methods and tools are provided to collect data and transform this to Metricus.

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