Request Fulfillment Management Module

Metricus provides KPIs for the Request Fulfillment Management process that are easy to understand and practical to use. Using the 'meta information' that is available for every KPI, you can select only the Service Request KPIs that are relevant to your organization, or even add your own KPIs. Metricus makes use of Microsoft Business Intelligence capabilities that allows you to analyze information, run reports, and make predictions based on past performance. Metricus is the measurement component of your ITIL Request Fulfillment Process, and allows you to take control over the process and take decisions based on accurate and reliable IT KPIs.


Measure, Manage and Improve the IT Performance of your Request Fulfillment Management Process

The Metricus Request Fulfillment Management Process provides you with everything that you need to assess if you are meeting your performance goals in your organization. Metricus provides you with powerful KPIs that are relevant to your business, and all the information you require to effectively start using these KPIs. Dashboards and Reporting capabilities help you understand if you are meeting your goals, and you can use Trend indicators, and cause and effect diagrams to take decisions that will make your ITIL process perform better in the future.

Metricus - Request Fulfillment Management Module Snapshot

Service Request Dashboard

This picture provides you with an overview of the
Metricus Request Fulfillment Module in combination with the ITIL Service Desk Module.