Metricus for Consultants, enables ITSM consulting firms to provide IT Performance Management services to their customers


Metricus for Consultants equips ITSM / IT Governance consultants with a comprehensive KPI library, rich and easy to use data analysis capabilities, and powerful performance reporting options that they can use to define KPIs for customers, devise scorecards/dashboards, demonstrate cause and effect relationships between KPIs, do scenario planning for customers, measure and improve the performance of IT processes or other assignments.

  • Ease of use, consultants can create unique workspaces within Metricus for individual customers and use this to build performance management solutions
  • Minimum training: self learning, maximum training time half a day to get started with Metricus
  • Ease of data entry: Upload and process data is easy and straightforward, and when it becomes too complex, Metricus support can help
  • Benchmarking possibilities: aggregate data from customers to provide benchmarking services to peer groups
  • Add your own Modules, consulting companies can
  • Well supported: advanced reports, data analysis, KPI creation, and other support is available in the background
  • Consulting organizations have the ability to add their own Modules, KPIs, and other IP to Metricus and offer this to their own customers.
  • For Visio, Excel and PowerPoint users: create your own Visio diagrams and link objects to KPIs to create dynamic heat maps. Metricus imports from and to Excel and all Metricus dashboards can be downloaded to PowerPoint.
Business Benefits::
  • Develop a process or objective specific scorecard in minutes - use a KPI library with 600+ measures and metrics, with detailed definitions, linked to various best practice frameworks, linked to balanced scorecard, with guidance on to be expected values and best means to define KPI specific objectives.
  • Scenario Planning: Develop scenarios by substituting different values for KPIs by utilizing the empirical relationships defined between KPIs within Metricus. Demonstrate different scenarios for your customers by explaining the cause-and-effect relationships between KPIs.
  • Measure performance improvement during the course of a project by integrating latest data periodically, and enable the customer to be able to follow the trends during the course of the project - which the customer could continue using event post the project phase.
  • Create an independent, separate portal for each customer including their KPIs, dashboards etc.
  • Perform on-the-go informal benchmarks across multiple customers based on the standard KPIs. Get access to invaluable data around range of possible values for KPIs, and guidance on how best to measure them.
  • Add client specific KPIs to existing KPI library, and create a customer specific sub-portal leaving them access to the scorecards and KPIs even after the assignment. What better way to retain the relationship with the customer?
  • Add services around IT performance management based on Metricus that you now are not able to provide, this can include benchmarking, KPI design, performance management clinics, and so on.

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